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Posted By:  Maj S.MacLeod @ 06 December 2016 - 02:47 PM

Attention All Personnel!


There will be UNIT WIDE meeting this Thursday December 8th at 8:00 PM EST.


The topic will be the current unit readiness with an honest and open discussion about the future.


Let me be clear, we are NOT going anywhere, nor are we thinking of standing down the unit.


In addition to recruitment going forward, we will be discussing ways to improve morale and member retention.


It is imperative that you attend if able. If you are unable to attend because of a schedule conflict, please submit any written ideas to myself, Capt C.Battles, or 1stSgt J.M.


I firmly believe the best days of this unit are not behind us but rather yet to come. This is YOUR opportunity to be part of something extraordinary!


I want to thank EVERYONE who has been active and involved the last few weeks as we have been walking through some difficult times! Your work is appreciated and has not gone unnoticed.


See you all Thursday!


Carry on,


Maj S.MacLeod

Commanding Officer, 7th MEU

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Toggle %s Promotions November 27, 2016

Posted By:  1stSgt J.M @ 28 November 2016 - 12:27 AM

The promotions and assignments are as follows;




Corporal D.Haze to Staff Sergeant / Assigned to PltSgt-1-D




Corporal T.Smith to Sergeant / Assigned to SL-2-1




Lance Corporal A.Burgans to Corporal / Assigned to SL-1-1




Private First Class R.Carr to Lance Corporal / Assigned to FTL-B-1-1

Private First Class R.Ireland to Lance Corporal / Assigned to RM-A-1-1

Private First Class D.Smith to Lance Corporal / Assigned to FTL-A-1-1

Private First Class L.Waller to Lance Corporal / Assigned to RM-B-1-1

Private First Class O.Golder to Lance Corporal / Assigned to AR-B-1-1




Private M.Cowgill to Private First Class / Assigned to AR-B-2-1

Private S.Madrom to Private First Class / Assigned to RM-B-2-1

Private T.Jones to Private First Class / Assigned to RM-2-1

Private K.Gibbs to Private First Class / Assigned to RM-A-1-1

Private A.James to Private First Class / Assigned to AR-A-2-1




Congratulations to all!


1stSgt J.M

Sergeant Major, 7th MEU
(As per LtCol S.MacLeod)

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Toggle %s New Assignments

Posted By:  Maj S.MacLeod @ 17 November 2016 - 09:18 PM

As a result of the unit meeting this evening, the following promotions and assignments have been made.

If you are someone who was moved to reserves, please see myself or C.Battles.


It is our belief that these changes will contribute to the long term health and stability of the unit.


Promotions and Assignments:


C.Battles to Captain (Capt), Assigned as Executive Officer, 7th MEU

T.Vonk to First Lieutenant (1stLt), Assigned as ACE Commanding Officer, VMM-271 [REIN]

M.Wooten to Second Lieutenant (2ndLt) (Battlefield Commission), Assigned as Platoon Commander, Devastator 1

J.M to First Sergeant (1stSgt), Assigned as Sergeant Major, 7th MEU

M.Markus to Petty Officer Second Class (PO2)


Transferred to Reserves:


Capt V.Svenson

Capt K.Bailey


Congratulations to all!


Maj S.MacLeod

Commanding Officer, 7th MEU

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